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How to keep your teeth clean

The pandemic is causing havoc to our societies and economies but also having a negative impact on the health of all of us. As our daily routines and exercise patterns change, with minimal (if any sometimes) opportunity for physical activity, our diet has also deteriorated. Whilst spending a tremendous time at home, we also tend to consume more sweets and confectionery than normally, which can have an adverse effect on our teeth.

So..next time you may wish to reach for that sugary snack, give it another thought. Why you ask? Many studies have found that the frequent consumption of sweets and sugary drinks leads to cavities. Frequent snacking on foods high in sugar increases the amount of time your teeth are exposed to the dissolving effects of various acids, causing tooth decay.

So let’s have a look at a few simple steps we can all follow to avoid decay and protect our teeth.

Tip 1 – Brushing technique

Brushing your teeth in small circular motions is the best technique used to remove plaque from teeth and gums. Using firm but gentle pressure, you want to focus on each tooth individually as you move across to the next area. Don’t forget to focus on brushing on and around the gum line where plaque can also accumulate.

Tip 2 – Floss daily

Make flossing a daily habit after brushing your teeth. For those hard to reach places, flossing helps to remove small pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth. Ideally you should use a rocking motion to ease the floss in between teeth and down towards the gum line. Don’t be alarmed if your gums feel a little tender which is normal when you first start to floss.

Tip 3 – Spit, don’t rinse 

After brushing your teeth, you may be tempted to rinse your mouth out with water to remove the toothpaste residue left in your mouth. This is counterproductive as the fluoride within the toothpaste aids in strengthening the surface of the tooth. Instead, after brushing spit any residual toothpaste out which will keep the fluoride on your teeth for further protection.

Tip 4 – Don’t forget your tongue

Brushing your tongue regularly helps to remove buildup of bacteria that accumulates easily. Use gently side to side brushing stokes on your tongue to remove all buildup that can not be removed from rinsing or using mouthwash.

Tip 5 – Routine checkups

We recommended visiting a dentist twice a year for a routine check up. By seeing us regularly it will help to identify potential issues earlier and allow for the best, most suitable treatment to be provided.


As Dr. Viljoen of Dentata Charta also recommends:

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Let us know of any other tips or ideas you may have heard or used in the past and of course, keep an eye out for our next blog out every 15th of the month.

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